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An Alternative approach to Investment

About Altus


Altus Investment Management Limited, established in 2003, is a London based, FCA

regulated investment management firm that provides advice to individuals, families

and foundations

Our independence and extensive network have provided access to the best

investment ideas and delivered exceptional performance to clients. We have an unconstrained

approach to asset allocation with a specialist expertise in alternative investments.

We provide our clients with highly customised advice allowing them to

diversify their portfolios based on their needs and goals.

Relationships are built on trust and transparency, offering a service

more tailored and responsive than that offered by large institutions.

We have an enviable track record of protecting clients’ wealth and

providing thoughtful, innovative and timely investment solutions

to help our clients achieve their goals.

Altus Solutions


Portfolios are built and managed so that they are diversified by style, asset class and regional exposure.

We have 3 key target drivers:



We manage client portfolios with a market agnostic approach that delivers returns on an absolute basis throughout the market cycle.


Downside protection

Returns have historically been more robust to thematic shifts and fat-tail type shocks – which acts as a good diversifying allocation for a wider portfolio.


Factor exposure & alpha

We focus carefully on the diversification of risks and the correlation of returns.Our returns are not derived from or dependent on traditional factors.The majority of our portfolio’s returns are ‘residual’ or in other words independent from these factors.

Bespoke Reporting

Bespoke & Transparent Reporting

Solutions List

We understand that clients often have complex financial objectives and unique individual circumstances.

Solutions List

We tailor our services to ensure that we meet each client’s requirements, fulfilling a variety of roles from trusted advisor across their entire wealth, to standalone Investment Manager for specific niche mandates.

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We are set up to be flexible and responsive in thinking, operational support and execution. We provide detailed performance reporting to our clients.

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We understand that trust is earned through communication over time. We are fully transparent and encourage open dialogue to ensure that our clients are comfortable that we are fulfilling their needs.


A depth & breadth of alternatives experience

Andrew Trower

Executive Chairman

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James Bruce

Chief Executive Officer

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Ivo Fiennes

Chief Investment Officer

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James Trower

Chief Operating Officer

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Dr Neil Smith

Head of Research

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Alex Campbell

Portfolio Manager

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Thomas Crick

Portfolio Manager

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Peter Thompson

Investment Advisor

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Lee Cory

Head of Real Estate

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Maria Cruceru

Operations Administrator

Janice McCarthy

Finance Executive

Graham McCarthy

IT & Systems Executive

Ben Thomas

Head of Compliance

Sarla Bhavnani

Compliance Manager

Emilia Stefanczyk

Office Manager


Alternative Thinking

Macro Commentary Insights

Macro Commentary - First Quarter 2024

The last months of 2023 rediscovered the Goldlilocks narrative and—against a tide of market scepticism (the proverbial ‘Wall of Worry’)—Q1 2024 continued the theme.

Macro Commentary Insights

Macro Commentary - Fourth Quarter 2023

Q4 gave an excellent demonstration of what the investor George Soros famously dubbed ‘Reflexivity’: i.e., the ongoing feedback-loops between financial market perceptions/actions and the real economy.

Macro Commentary Insights

Macro Commentary - Third Quarter 2023

In Q3, the US economy continued to demonstrate remarkable resilience in the face of higher interest rates.

Macro Commentary Insights

Macro Commentary - Second Quarter 2023

The outstanding feature of Q2 was the apparent resilience of economic activity, primarily in the US, against a backdrop of higher interest rates and tighter credit conditions.

Macro Commentary Insights

Macro Commentary - First Quarter 2023

There has been little resolution of concerns over the global growth outlook. Broadly speaking, the first six weeks of the new year saw market participants continue to anticipate an improving global economic outlook

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